The case for consolidating your communications and IT support

In the last few years the way we work and collaborate has changed forever. With continued global disruption and changing ways of working, it’s never been more essential for small- and medium-sized businesses to stay connected. Cloud-based tools can be a great solution, but running too many disconnected systems at once can end up causing chaos rather than preventing it.

Combining your communications and IT support solutions can help your business meet these challenges head on. Here’s how.

1. Simplicity

A crucial requirement of effective communications and IT support systems is that they are simple to understand and use. 

The more tools at play, the more chance that your employees will be confused or overwhelmed by how they operate or miss vital messages. Meanwhile, already overworked IT support staff might struggle with a complicated tech stack with multiple points of failure, as well as having to juggle multiple providers.

If you adopt an all-in-one solution like GoTo Essentials, you can cut down on that confusion by managing all your key services in one place, delivered by one trusted vendor. Employees will enjoy phone, meeting and messaging capabilities, while your IT pros gain access to an all-in-one IT support and management solution to help your employees wherever they’re based. The GoTo Essentials Bundle also provides advanced security and a 24/7 helpline so support and advice is available whenever you need it.

2. Connectivity

For small, close-knit SMB teams, keeping clear and organised lines of communication open is essential – especially in these times when employees are often scattered far and wide. Equally, maintaining an agile, reliable and secure connection with clients, consumers, suppliers and IT support can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business.

Bringing together your communications and collaboration platforms can cut through confusion and make sure your teams are all on the same page. For instance, GoTo Connect offers a combined enterprise-grade phone, video and audio conferencing, messaging and file-sharing system to keep all your lines of communication unified and organised, while GoTo Resolve keeps employees and IT support working in tandem wherever they’re based. Both services are bundled together in the GoTo Essentials package to keep your business connected at all times.


We're all aware of the challenges of the global economy right now, so keeping costs under control is more important than ever. Employing a host of apps and services means you’ll likely end up paying more for tools you don’t need, which can be a major issue for SMBs. And any sudden changes in costs can come as a nasty surprise.

GoTo bundles GoTo Resolve and GoTo Connect together at one affordable price, delivering the services your business needs without breaking the bank. By consolidating your tools into one service from a single vendor, it becomes much easier to monitor and control your costs, and you’ll also likely end up paying less overall.  

By consolidating your tech stack, your business can reduce costs, save time, and make IT easier. That might be why 95% of SMBs have made consolidating the communication, IT support and collaboration tools they use a priority, according to the recent GoTo State of Worklife: 2022 report.

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