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Hands on: HP Pavilion m6 review

A powerful entertainment notebook

What is a hands on review?
HP Pavilion m6
The M6 is the new top of the Pavilion range


  • Beats Audio
  • Optical drive
  • Connectivity


  • No SSD
  • Poor mouse buttons


  • + Beats Audio
  • + Optical drive
  • + Connectivity


  • - No SSD
  • - Poor mouse buttons

A highly portable, Intel-powered laptop – isn't that an Ultrabook? Well not in the case of the Pavilion m6.

It's a 15.6-inch notebook that loses out from conforming with Intel's Ultrabook spec by virtue of various factors – not least the fact it has a standard large capacity hard drive rather than an SSD.

HP Pavilion m6

It's a powerful thing, with a whopping 8GB of memory and a next-generation Intel Core processor.

Up against the also new HP Envy Ultrabook, the m6 doesn't look a whole lot different - meaning you get a really thin and powerful notebook for a perfectly reasonable outlay. You also get a numeric keypad as well as a fingerprint reader for added security.

HP Pavilion m6

As you'd expect from an HP mainstream entertainment laptop, it features Beats Audio and can come with beefed-up discrete graphics should you choose that option. Eight hours of battery life is promised, though we're really not sure you'd actually get that in practice looking at the spec sheet.

HP Pavilion m6

As you can see, it's got a full array of ports including HDMI, Ethernet and four USBs. There's also an optical drive - although, as you can see we were looking at what is probably a very early sample which had an ill-fitting drive faceplate.

HP Pavilion m6

We really like HP's recent keyboards and the keys on the m6 gave us little reason to change from that view. However, we really weren't a fan of the mouse buttons - the press seemed far too deep - it needed a decent press as opposed to the quick click that many laptop mouse buttons have.

HP Pavilion m6

Design-wise, it has a brushed aluminium shell and certainly looks rather smart. HP says it reflects a refresh of the company's notebook design philosophy called Mosaic which, it says "includes rich colours, premium materials and purposeful shapes".

HP Pavilion m6

HP Pavilion m6

The HP Pavilion m6 release date is June with a starting price of €649 (about £520 or £840).

HP Pavilion m6


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