New iPhone launch live stream: how to watch the big Apple keynote online

The Apple 2018 launch livestream is now easier to watch

Apple is set to announce three new iPhones, an Apple Watch 4, an iPad Pro 3 and perhaps even more on September 12 (that's today), and you'll be able to watch live to see the latest products first.

We're expecting Apple's CEO Tim Cook to take to the Steve Jobs theater in San Francisco later today and TechRadar will be there watching live to give you the first news on all the big announcements.

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When is the iPhone XS launch?

It's later today, Wednesday September 12. Apple's event is set to start at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST Wednesday or 3AM AEST on Thursday 13.

How long will the launch last? That varies from year-to-year, but last time an iPhone launch was around two hours long.

Even if you're not at the show, you'll be able to livestream all the action to a variety of different devices, plus we're running a live blog so you can keep up with our commentary on the event too.

We're expecting to hear about the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC or some variation of those three devices. That's likely to come alongside both the Watch 4 and perhaps even a new iPad Pro 3.

There's also the potential for many other devices including a new Apple TV, AirPods 2 or even Apple HomePod 2, plus we may get an official release date for Apple's AirPower wireless charger.

How to watch the new iPhone launch on Twitter

The easiest way to watch Apple's new iPhone launch live stream is on Twitter. This is actually the first time Apple has made its launch livestream available on a social network.

Below you'll find the livestream of the event on Twitter:

How to watch the new iPhone launch on iPhone, iPad or Mac

This was the easiest way to tune into an Apple conference before the Twitter option was available, as you can watch using the Safari app on your Apple device. 

You'll need to have your phone or iPad running iOS 10 or above, while if you're using an Apple computer you'll need macOS Sierra 10.12 to livestream the event. 

Here's the link you should use with the Safari browser on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

How to watch the new iPhone launch on Apple TV

Own an Apple TV? There's also an easy way to tune into the event on your telly by downloading the specific Apple Events app to your living room's centerpiece.

Here's the app you'll need for the Apple TV, but be warned it'll need to be running tvOS 10.2 software or above to be able to download the app. When the event starts, just open up the app and it'll be playing on your big screen.

How to watch the new iPhone launch without an Apple device

Before this year's WWDC event in June you've been restricted to watching on Microsoft Edge if you want to watch on a device not made at Apple HQ, but this year there have been some changes.

You can still watch on Microsoft Edge, but the company will now let you watch on recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox as well. 

Apple has said MSE, H.264 and AAC are required though, so it may not work on all versions of the browser. You can use this link on Apple's website to be able to watch the livestream on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Other ways to watch Apple's new iPhone launch event

If you have an older version of Windows, or you use Linux, then it's a bit trickier to watch the latest Apple event. Usually there is a workaround by using the versatile VLC media player.

Apple WWDC 2016 live stream

Once installed, open it up and in the top-left corner click Media, then Open Network Stream. You'll then need to enter the network URL of the stream, which you'll be able to do by copying and pasting the link below: 

How to watch the new iPhone launch event replay

If you can't catch the event live, you can always catch up after. Apple is getting better each year at posting its livestream on iTunes or YouTube right after the conference ends.

Once we've spotted a copy of the livestream we'll be sure to post it in this article.

Follow TechRadar's live blog

If you can't watch along live, we have a live blog showing you exactly what Apple is announcing as soon as it happens. Even if you plan to watch the stream, we'd still recommend following along on TechRadar too!