HTC Touch2 review
The HTC Touch2 runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS rather than Google's Android


The beefy processor keeps things running smoothly. At 528MHz, with 256MB of RAM backing it up we never had performance problems with our device.

Tapping a menu option or starting an application was virtually instant, and moving between home screen icons is similarly quick.

Given the number of things the Touch2 can do, it's impressive. In terms of mobile data there's an HSPA chip which – network-allowing – permits up to 7.2Mbps download speeds. 802.11b/g wireless is useful given the web browser's penchant for downloading full-size web pages.

Bluetooth and a GPS receiver round off the options.

Battery life

One area in which the Touch2 didn't disappoint at all was its battery performance. We took it off the charger in the afternoon, and, a day and a half later, it died.

During that time we used Google Maps, kept Twitter updated and sent and received a stream of text messages. We also set up a connection with Microsoft Exchange to keep emails coming and going. Naturally, the more you use the data connection – particularly when in range of a 3G signal – the worse you can expect battery life to be.

Throw in an average commute with a bit of music, though, and we're confident most users will see a day's battery life with no problems.