WD MyBook Premium ES edition

So good we had to had to have another look

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Our Verdict

The best eSATA drive around right now


  • Good looking

    Decent value


  • Lack of flexibility

We've looked at the MyBook before. In fact, we can't seem to stop looking at it. It's a brilliant piece of kit: lovely looking case, spinning blue lights on the front, hidden morse code messages in the ventilation holes - everything you could want from an external drive.

It also tested a tad faster than the other units we tested, although this is likely because our 1TB Hitachi Deskstar test drive sacrifices a little speed for its absurd capacity.

Purchasing a pre-built external drive isn't something to be ashamed of, despite the new simplicity of assembling the construction yourself.

The cheapest we could find a 500GB WD Caviar drive (similar to that contained within the MyBook) was £85. Add to that the price of an enclosure, and the MyBook shines. Ignore the mild lack of flexibility, because this is probably the best eSATA drive out there right now.