Fujitsu Mobile 120GB MHW2120BJ

Decent storage and speed. From a mobile drive!

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Our Verdict

The word Mobile in the title immediately makes us wary, but this Fujitsu drive is both fast and spacious


  • Quick and spacious

    Decent value for money

As laptops have become the largest selling segment of the computer market, one of their most obvious and irritating limitations has been a lack of storage. If you thought desktop drives were slow, then the sub-7200RPM 2.5in drives of the laptop market are in a Sunday league all of their own.

Thankfully, this impressively specced Fujitsu drive attempts to put some of that straight. Using the mystical power of perpendicular recording it has squeezed 120GB into its 2.5-inch form, and we hear a 160GB model will also be available. Doubly impressive is that this is a 7200RPM drive based on the SATA 300 interface.

The result is a massively strong performance from a mobile drive - it was always going to be a fraction of that of the huge desktop drives.

From past experience, shifting a laptop from a slower drive such as 4200RPM or 5400RPM to a faster 7200RPM one does provide a genuine performance boost, making this great value.