Zotac H67-ITX Wi-Fi review

Teeny-tiny and packed full of Sandy Bridge goodness


Zotac h67-itx wi-fi

Quite frankly the Zotac's H67-ITX WiFi is a stunner.

Just one look at the rear I/O panel alone tells you all you need to know about how grown-up the concept of the ITX board has become. It's crammed with ports and despite its diminutive 17cm square PCB, Zotac has managed to load up the board as well.

It's quite remarkable just how well it all fits given the space restraints of the format.

Zotac has given the H67-ITX Wi-Fi plenty of SATA ports, the six in all that the H67 will support in fact. So this wee board has two SATA 6Gbps and four SATA3Gbps ports and, with mechanical notebook drives now at a terabyte capacity, there's no need to skimp on capacity in the tiny ITX cases that are available to stick the board in.

Sitting beside the two DDR3 DIMM slots is a mini PCIe slot which houses the 802.11n/g/b WiFi module, the dual antenna mount for which is situated on top of the DVI out port on the rear panel instead of the standard VGA out port.

Talking of the rear panel there is an impressive number of ports on it.

Deep breath, here we go...single PS/2 port, four USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 (there's a back plate with two more USB 3.0 ports bundled in the box), eSATA, HDMI, DisplayPort, LAN (for the Gigabit Ethernet) and the audio block that includes an optical S/PDIF out port.

The limitations of the mini ITX board's form factor are apparent when it comes to expansion slots. There is only room for a single x16 PCI-E slot, probably the best use for it would be as a home for something like a dual tuner TV card.

Zotac has even bothered to use high quality chokes and capacitors in the power circuits of the H67-ITX Wi-Fi which you might find a bit odd for a board like this.

But it's destined to end up in some tight fitting places so it makes sense to use components that can handle the heat build up that occurs in small form factor cases.

We liked:

With its DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort output options, together with the QuickSync video transcoding technology of Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, makes Zotac's H67-ITX a good choice to form the basis of a tiny HTPC or media PC.

We also liked the way Zotac has gone about choosing the components for the supply circuitry, it would have been much simpler, and cheaper too, just to plump for standard off-the-shelf parts.

We disliked:

If you are into ITX boards, then there's not a lot to dislike about the H67-ITX WiFi except perhaps the price tag.

At £120 is fifty quid dearer than Foxconn's ITX based H67S, but then again Zotac's board has a bit more going on with it.

Final word:

Superb mini motherboard that shows how far the concept of the ITX board has come in ten short years.