A-Data Extreme 2,000MHz review

If you're in the market for speed, A-Data's got you covered

A-Data Extreme 2,000MHz
TechRadar's A-Data Extreme 2,000MHz review

We liked

If you want maximum memory speeds for minimum cash, the AData Extreme 2,000MHz is the dual-channel 4GB kit for you.

Not only does it deliver an impressive official operating speed of 2,000MHz. It'll run even higher overclocked – at least as high as 2,133MHz. For performance enthusiasts looking for lots of overclocking headroom, it's great to know you can have it without spending a fortune.

We disliked

At this price point, there has to be some kind of trade off in return for the huge operating frequencies. At lower clocks, the relatively tardy CAS latency timings slightly take the edge off performance. It's not a major, but it's worth being aware of before taking the plunge.

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