Samsung st95

The Samsung ST95 is a neat little camera for going out on the town with. The large barrel on the front gives it a unique look that will catch people's attention, while the touch screen and smart phone inspired user interface gives it a slick look.However, it is let down by its image quality in low light.

We liked

The interesting design that will appeal to younger people while the small size makes it an easy travel companion. The touchscreen adds to the appeal and the similar user interface to a smart phone gives it a familiar edge with current phone users.

We disliked

We'd like to see a touchscreen that works without the provided stylus. Remembering to get it out when making changes for a candid shot is frustrating. Dynamic range is too narrow compared to other compact cameras.


The ST95's build quality is good and is an upgrade on from the ST90 with additional features such as the touchscreen, the lock on the battery door and a better looking lens cover. While the touchscreen is responsive, it works best with the provided stylus. The screen can be difficult to see in very bright light even when it's shaded.

Because of its attractive design and dinky size the ST95 will appeal to the type of person that likes to take a camera out in the evening. The price point makes it accessible to more people and less of a worry if it needs replacing.

However, the camera has a tendency to burn out highlights and images are best when there are no bright light or very dark areas in the shot. The camera also struggles to record detail at the higher sensitivity values.