Fuji f300exr

First impressions of the FinePix F300EXR are good, its attractive curved black metal chassis has a solid feel and there are several surfaces with rubber pads to give a confident grip.

Camera controls are well thought-out and fall easily to hand. A particularly nice touch is the main command dial being angled at 45 degrees, facing the user, which comes easily to the right thumb. While the dial arrangement is great, it needs a little more resistance as it has a habit of turning when the camera is slipped in or out of a pocket – the F300EXR is perfectly sized for carrying in a pocket.

The only other issue I had with the handling relates to the small flash which pops up as soon as the camera is switched on. It gets in the way of the fingers of your left hand, and there is no way of retracting it when not required. In it's favour, it does give wonderful fill-in results.