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PowerShot a3300 is

Results from the A3300 IS are very pleasing overall, with colours looking vibrant, yet remaining true-to-life rather than looking over-saturated.

The Auto white balance mode produces pretty accurate and consistent results under most forms of lighting, although we found a tendency towards warming images up a little too much under tungsten. Manually selecting the correct white balance setting from the menu rectifies things quickly however.

Creative filters

The creative filters we mentioned in the last section allow you to add some flair to your shots without having to go near a computer. We didn't care much for the Poster effect, but the Miniature and Toy Camera settings both produce excellent results.

Noise control

Noise is non-existent at the low-end of the A3300 IS' sensitivity range, but it starts to appear at ISO 400, causing some colour shifts and loss of detail above this point. That said, results are still usable at ISO 800 - which isn't bad for a camera of this class.

The 5x optical zoom lens performs well, with little in the way of distortion to comment on, but we did notice some softening of detail around the edges of the frame, particularly at the far end of the zoom range.