Toshiba 32CV711B review

The 32CV711B's solid feature set, and aggressive pricing make it a decent option as a second-room TV

Toshiba 32CV711B
Toshiba's solid feature set and aggressive price make it an ideal 2nd room set

Toshiba 32cv711b

The 32CV711B's onscreen operating system isn't significantly different to that employed by sets higher up Toshiba's range. Unfortunately, this system is starting to look and feel pretty dated and in this instance is harmed further by its need to liaise with an uninspiring remote control.

The menus are essentially just a mass of white text against black backgrounds. This makes them consistently clear to read, but they are awfully dull. They're also a little intimidating at times, creating the feeling that it might have been a good idea to divide the features up into a few more sub-menus.

The flimsy remote control isn't a total disaster once you've got past the unappealing impression it makes when clutched in your hand.

For instance, it manages to keep the button count impressively low without leaving you confused over what you need to press to achieve a desired end. Its layout isn't bad, either, with most of the important buttons falling reasonably easily to hand. In the end, though, its cheap feel is the thing that makes the most lasting impression.

One final little operating irritation concerns the set's electronic programme guide. Toshiba has opted to present its guide in a rather different way to most, with the channel list down the left side, and all the upcoming listings for the particular channel you've selected appearing vertically on the right.

Initially this feels like quite an intuitive approach, until you realise that the TV has to switch channel every time you select a different channel on the listings. This both slows EPG browsing down and makes it impossible to keep watching or even listening to the channel you were on when you first called up the EPG.