The TechRadar Christmas wishlist

Patrick Goss: Editor

Kindle Fire

I was actually really impressed with the Amazon Kindle Fire and if its price stays close to the £200 mark when it finally arrives in the UK it will very much fit into the (generous) present band. People who complain that the Fire is too shopping-centric probably should spend a bit more on the gorgeous but pricey iPad 2.

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Kindle fire

PS Vita

I still have questions about battery life and whether I will get used to the rear touchpad – but after irrationally loving the original PSP I can't help but want to get my hands on a portable console with dual joysticks and a stunning screen.

PS vita

Original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray

Two of my favourite films of all time (and a bonus one with some Ewoks) in stunning high-def on Blu-ray with tons of extras: what's not to like?

Star wars

Apple iPhone 4S

I don't NEED to upgrade my iPhone, but a couple of features made me siri-ously consider it (I'm leaving that joke in 2011, by the way). For me it was between this and the Samsung Galaxy S2 for phone of the year, and the lovely flowers in my walled garden mean I'm plumping for Apple's baby.

iPhone 4s

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Actually, properly, genuinely on my Christmas list this year and my friends over at CVG tell me that I'm not going to regret it in their Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review. Plus it will pass thetime until Valve get round to announcing Half Life 3.