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Amazon CEO explores the deep sea for Apollo 11's engines

Apollo 11
Let's hope he brought some good e-books for the trip

What does Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos do in his spare time?

Recover F-1 engines belonging to Apollo 11 from 14,000 feet below the ocean's surface, of course. Apollo 11, as you surely know, was the mission that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon.

Thanks to Bezos' "Bezos Expeditions" website, we're able to follow along with what's clearly an intense area of interest for the tech head - he remembers watching Apollo 11 blast off at 5 years old and credits it as one of the primary reasons he's passionate about science, engineering and exploration.

The billionaire financed the expedition, taking place off the coast of Cape Canaveral, and the group successfully recovered enough parts to cobble together displays for two engines. While Bezos' hobby is less eccentric than many a wealthy person, we're feeling a little jealous: Our spring breaks were never nearly this historically significant.

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