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Oculus Rift's new website reveals clues about controller

Oculus Rift

There's only a short amount of time before E3 and just a few more days before Oculus unveils juicy details at its pre-E3 conference, but it looks like a leak has sprung.

The Oculus Rift has a brand new website complete with a refreshed logo and, according to VRFocus, savvy snoopers have dug up photos containing a controller and Rift unlike any we've seen before.

The controller looks more like a remote with a circular top portion that appears like it could be a touchpad, and a plus/minus and back button underneath. The headset itself has a front-mounted camera.

Wait a minute

The leak is too good to be true. Oculus creator Palmer Luckey confirmed to Reddit that the images are old and the final product will be different:

"This is an old placeholder concept image that we accidentally leaked. Everything in it is ancient, certainly nowhere close to final (as evidenced by the GPU specs and the game named "war"). Enjoy checking it out, at this point, but don't expect everything to carry through to the stream on the 11th."

Concept or not, we at least have an inkling of what might be revealed before E3, and are intrigued by the June 11 conference more than ever.