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Trump reveals terms for ZTE US return

ZTE could be set for a return to the US under terms revealed by the Trump administration.

The President's team have submitted a proposal to Congress that would see the troubled Chinese mobile and telecoms giant be able to re-enter the US market, just weeks after the company was banned from the country.

However the terms appear anything but friendly, with the President tweeting that ZTE would need to pay a $1.3 billion fine and provide, "high level security guarantees".

The New York Times reported that ZTE would also need to replace some of its senior management team, and hire US compliance officers.

ZTE returning

The deal could be publicly revealed today, but may cause uproar in the US among politicians that have urged the Trump administration to make an example of ZTE.

The company was initially issued with a banning order from the US due to flouting rules concerning deals with Iran and North Korea.

In the UK, the NCSC warned telecoms companies not to use ZTE equipment over security fears, following similar indications from the US that the company could pose a threat to national security.