This Samsung Note 9 deal offers 512GB storage and oodles of data for no upfront cost

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals
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The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still roughly one month away from being launched. While that might feel like an impossible amount of time to wait, the Note 10 brings some good news in the time being - massive price drops on Samsung Note 9 deals

Like phone releases before it, the soon to be released Note 10 has brought its older brothers right down in price, with one specific deal really catching our eye. The contract in question is a 512GB storage Note 9 from Mobile Phones Direct

This contract wowed us last week, sporting tonnes of storage and a load of data at one of the cheapest prices on the market, making it an easy choice for Samsung fans everywhere. But now, the contract has got even better.

On top of the 512GB of storage you're getting, you now also get a whopping 50GB of data, a 20GB jump on what used to be on offer. At £37 a month and nothing upfront, we really can't find a fault with this contract.

So if you like the idea of owning a brand new phablet device but the rumoured prices of the Note 10 have you running scared, this deal really is unbeatable. Not convinced? Check out what other Samsung phone deals are available right now.

This incredible Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal in full

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 50GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37pm
If you're in the market for a Galaxy Note 9 deal then we can't think of any better option. For just £37 a month and nothing upfront you're getting not just 50GB of data each and every month, but also that boost to 512GB of memory. There really are no downsides to this offer.
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