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Samsung 3D VOD service debuts in Korea

Samsung brings 3D VOD to Korea
Samsung brings 3D VOD to Korea

Samsung has announced that it has launched its very own 3D VOD service in Korea and has hinted that there is a version on its way to the US and Europe.

Starting today, Korea will be able to get 3D content piped through the Samsung Smart Hub.

The programme offering currently consists of music videos, movie trailers and some educational films but there will be feature-length movies added once the service has had time to bed in.

3D on demand

Although no dates have been set, Samsung has also revealed that the next to receive 3D VOD will be the US and Europe – fingers crossed, the UK is part of the European remit.

Samsung spoke to TechRadar just last month about the possibility of a 3D VOD service on its Smart Hub television and exclusively revealed that there would be 3D online content coming this year.

This won't be a dedicated service, however, but potentially through PictureBox – one of the existing movie apps available.

Via Engadget