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HBO cuts-off Netflix as competition hots up

Netflix is on a collission course with HBO

Cable juggernaut HBO will no longer provide physical discs to Netflix in response to the streaming giant's decision to screen original programming.

Lilyhammer, the first Netflix original series, will become available to streaming customers on 6 February and it's clear that HBO now sees the company as a business rival.

However, this doesn't mean that Netflix customers will no longer be able to rent the likes of True Blood, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos.

Netflix will still be able to use discs it has already acquired from HBO and there is no law preventing the company from simply replacing those with DVDs and Blu-rays from third-parties.

Symbolic gesture

Even though HBO's stance is unlikely to affect Netflix's operations, it is being seen more as a symbolic gesture, that the gloves are officially off as the pair look set to duke it out for your subscription cash.

Previously HBO has been largely unconcerned by Netflix, but now it is investing heavily in, and in some cases even outbidding HBO, for original, first-run content it's clear the pair are destined to clash.

Both companies have confirmed the situation to CNET.

Call this refusing to feed the mouth that bites you, or something like that.