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The new StumbleUpon app is half messaging service, half Facebook

StumbleUpon iOS app
The new StumbleUpon app has an activity feed and messaging

The content discovery platform StumbleUpon has updated its iOS app with new social features that let users share content and message one another within the app itself.

Previously StumbleUpon users could message links to others via SMS, but the new messaging feature keeps you in the app while still letting you chat with friends about content you discover.

Your friends are represented in StumbleUpon with round profile photos not unlike Facebook's annoying Chat Heads.

The StumbleUpon app also has a new "activity center" that tracks your friends' recent shares and your notifications - not unlike, say, Facebook's News Feed.

Imitation and flattery

The new StumbleUpon app also has various other improvements like performance boosts and a new UI, as well as support for custom lists.

StumbleUpon has been used by many for years to discover new content, usually when users are wracked by boredom.

It's notable that the company is currently independent, having been purchased by eBay but promptly resold to and relaunched by its original owners in 2009.

Via TechCrunch