Best overclocking software: 15 top apps

9. ATI Tray Tools

As you'd expect, ATI Tray Tools is designed only for ATI cards. It's a tiny tool that sits in your system tray. It's well worth listing for its regular updates, small size and ease of use. It's similar to the outdated ATI Tool in that it provides a 3D output to test for artefacts and can automatically overclock your card. It also offers per-application overclocking from preset profiles.

Best overclocking apps

10. Intel GMA Booster - overclock Intel integrated graphics

So far we've said little about Intel integrated graphics, so for those netbook users try grabbing the latest version of GMABooster. It currently only supports GMA 900 and GMA 950 chipsets with planned support for GMA X3100 and GMA X4500 in the future and can boost your graphics performance 200 percent.

Best overclocking apps

11. Overclock your netbook

Netbooks were never designed to be tweaked or overclocked but that's not to say you can't. Some models can make use of SetFSB, which we've already mentioned. The list of PLLs on its homepage has details for some models of netbooks. For the Asus Eee PC netbook range the tool EEECtl solves most of your problems for models that use the Celeron M or Atom N270 processors.

Best overclocking apps

12. HW Monitor

From the genius that brought us CPU-Z comes HW Monitor. An important part of overclocking is monitoring temperatures and fan speeds for all areas of your PC. HW Monitor packs all this information into an easy to use application that simply works.

Best overclocking apps

13. Temperature monitoring

Getting accurate temperatures can be something of an annoying business. If HW Monitor doesn't do the trick two more specific temperature monitoring tools worth trying are Core Temp that was developed to accurately report individual core temperatures and Real Temp that again is only designed to report accurate system temperatures.

Best overclocking apps

14. System stress testing

A final important aspect to overclocking is stress testing, which is checking to see if the system is running stably. The two classic options are Prime 95 both a 32-bit and 64-bit version are available, and Memtest86+. A newer all-in-one test is the IntelBurnTest it's not actually developed by Intel but designed to stress the processor and memory systems.

Best overclocking apps

15. Graphics stress testing

For 3D graphics card the classic 3DMark06 is still a strong test but the Dirt II demo offers something more recent. You should also check out FurMark that goes all-out to really stress your 3D system.

Best overclocking apps


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