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Wait... is the iPod not dead after all?

iPod Touch
Are more iPod Touch devices on the way?

The iPod was the original iPhone, blazing a trail of technological innovation that left other manufacturers scrambling in its wake. Since the arrival of the smartphone, though, it's been left to gather dust in the corner.

That could be about to change according to sources speaking to AppleInsider. Reports suggest that Apple is ready to update the portable music (and movie) players later this year.

It's a rumour that makes sense, with Apple said to be plotting a facelift for its music offerings after last year's purchase of Beats. Will the new iPods come with a new streaming service front and centre? We'll have to wait and see.

High-fidelity listening

Another possibility is that Apple is considering an ultra-high-resolution audio player, since Tidal arrived to push the bit-rate bar up. Casual listeners could stick with the iPhone, but audiophiles might want to pay extra for a premium iPod experience through a higher-tier Beats streaming service.

Unfortunately, AppleInsider's sources don't have too much to say on what this next generation iPod could look like. A 4-inch screen size looks probable, plus internal components from older iPhones, while the integrated storage is in line for a boost too.

Would you welcome this iconic gadget back into the fold? Or has its moment well and truly passed? Sadly it doesn't look like we'll ever get the clickwheel back, but we can dream.