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Samsung cameras likely to have apps

Samsung SH100
Future Samsung cameras are likely to have apps, according to Nick White.

In the future, Samsung cameras are likely be able to use apps just like smartphones according to Nick White, Head of Digital Imaging at Samsung UK.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar at CES 2012, White said that Samsung is looking to expand the functionality of cameras, with this a logical step that could be taken.

Samsung's latest crop of WiFi enabled compact cameras are designed to be an integral part of the modern digital lifestyle and images can be emailed, uploaded to social networking sites, shared via the Cloud, viewed on television or even automatically backed up to a storage device.

Remote release

It is currently possible to control and trigger Samsung's SH100 using the Remote Viewfinder app on a Galaxy S2, with the scene being displayed on the smartphone screen so that the compact camera can be fired at just the right moment. However, it looks like this could just be the tip of the iceberg for app integration with Samsung cameras.

White was unable to reveal what sort of functionality apps might confer upon a camera, but we think the ability to add different creative effects is a likely starting point, allowing photographers to pick and choose their preferred styles or filter effects to apply to images.