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Nokia says Symbian is here to stay

Symbian: not broken hearted over Microsoft deal?
Symbian: not broken hearted over Microsoft deal?

Nokia's decision to partner with Microsoft and manufacture Windows Phone handsets may not mean tolling the death knell for Symbian after all.

Despite promising to keep selling and updating current Symbian-based handsets over the next year, Nokia had said that it would not be making any new Symbian phones.

Basically, it sounded as though Symbian was going to go gentle into that good night with no raging against the dying of the light, except perhaps from the true fanboys.

Down but not out

But Vlasta Berka, General Manager of Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, spoke at the launch of the Nokia E7, saying, "Just because we're changing our direction in terms of smartphone platform, it doesn't mean that the existing platform is completely broken.

"We still have obligations to our users, developers, business partners, and customers. Symbian is here to stay. Symbian will still be around, but it's just going to go somewhere around the corner."

So Symbian will be kept hidden somewhere around the corner like the slow, clumsy child of which Nokia is secretly ashamed. We wonder which corner – possibly the one that HP kept Palm around.

We're not as convinced as Nokia that Symbian will last much longer into the millennium.