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Android activation total doubles in six months

Android on the up

Google has now activated an astonishing 200 million Android handsets, a figure which has doubled in the last six months alone.

The company made the announcement prior to the unveiling of the new-and-improved Google Music service at an Android event in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

At its I/O conference in May, the search giant revealed it had topped 100m activations, but thanks to a whopping 550,000 new devices being approved every day it has managed to hit this new landmark.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Android conquered 52 per cent of the total smartphone market in Q3 of 2011.

Apple chasers

Google is now fast approaching Apple's last reported activation total for iOS devices, which it claimed as 250 million back at the iPhone 4S launch in October.

Android's seemingly unstoppable rise is likely to be accentuated by the gradual roll-out of its new 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in the coming months.

Like Apple, Google's figure accounts for both smartphones and tablets.

Via: Gizmodo