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Smartphone apps added to UK inflation basket

Apps in, downloads out
Apps in, downloads out

The Office Of National Statistics has announced its yearly update of the UK's inflation basket – the prices of goods that show the effect inflation is having on the economy – and it has added mobile phone apps into the mix for the first time.

The ONS has decided to include smartphones and their apps, but has taken out mobile phone downloads.

Essentially game apps like Angry Birds are in but the latest ringtone download is out.

While that's pretty much it on the tech side, there was another interesting inclusion – that of online dating agency fees.

Tech life changers

Phil Goodin, a statistician for the ONS, said about the list: "Many of these new items show the way technology is changing our lives.

"Powerful smartphones and the applications that run on them have become essential for many when communicating or seeking information.

"Likewise, increasing numbers of people now seek a partner via internet dating sites."

The origins of the inflation basket date back to 1947, where some highlights of the list include compound cooking fat, corsets and the good ol' Gramophone record.