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Microsoft Payments could square off with Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Microsoft appears to be prepping its own Apple Pay and Google Wallet competitor called Microsoft Payments.

Windows 10 for phones will support NFC payments natively and, according to banking expert Faisal Khan, Microsoft has applied for money transmitter licenses in all 50 states.

The licenses would be required for Microsoft to launch its own service, and one state - Idaho- has reportedly already issued its approval.

And the platform will be known as Microsoft Payments, at least according to the documents Khan unearthed.

The means and the will

With Windows 10 for phones, Microsoft has the groundwork to launch its own mobile payment platform, and now it's looking like it might have the will, too.

Apple Pay and, to a lesser extent, Google Wallet have carved out part of this niche already, but they're far from ubiquitous, and Microsoft has more than enough clout to make an impact here should it choose to do so.

As Windows Central points out, we may find out more at Microsoft Build 2015 this month.