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RIM to ship 1m BlackBerry Playbooks in Q1

Can RIM shift a million of these things in one go?
Can RIM shift a million of these things in one go?

BlackBerry-maker RIM is betting big on its first tablet effort, the BlackBerry Playbook, apparently expecting more than one million shipments of the device by the end of March.

The one million figure laughs in the face of Motorola's projected 800,000 target for its Android-running Xoom tablet.

The BlackBerry Playbook is not set to launch until March 2011, starting with a Wi-Fi only model before a 3G version hits the market.

We liked it

TechRadar was very impressed when we did our Hands on: BlackBerry PlayBook review describing it as "the first tablet that genuinely has a shot at knocking the iPad off its best-in-class pedestal."

RIM is working had to keep the buzz around the PlayBook going, having announced it in October 2010.

With prices potentially undercutting the iPad by around £100, the one million shipments bet could well pay off.

Via SlashGear