What's the best Core i3 laptop?

Intel Core i3 laptops
We round up four of the latest Core i3 laptops

The traditional view of the entry-level laptop often involves cheap, low-powered machines that can barely handle simple office tasks.

However, times have changed. Intel's development of its powerful yet highly affordable range of Core i3 processors has meant that budget notebooks can pack power too. So what's the best Core i3 laptop?

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The Intel Core i3 has two independent processing cores on each chip allowing you to smoothly multitask your software applications, and combined with HD graphics, it's now easier than ever to enjoy rich high-definition multimedia on the most affordable machines.

We've brought together four sub-£499 laptops, all powered by Intel's Core i3 processor range. Anyone looking for an entry-level portable that doesn't skimp on performance need look no further.