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Official: You search for cute kittens more on mobile than PC

Google search on mobile is now bigger than on PCs.
Google search on mobile is now bigger than on PCs.

Google has spoken. The company has confirmed that more google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.

The company didn't expand on what other countries were in the list but that is likely to include a bunch of European countries. It didn't elaborate on when that shift happened or the type of queries involved.

What it did say though is that computers include tablets (and hybrids) and that the mobile queries also include browser-based searches as well as those coming from Google's dedicated mobile search apps.

The news comes after Google's relentless drive to convince businesses to adopt a mobile first approach when designing their websites with a responsive design one being top of Google's wish list.

A few weeks ago, the company rolled out an algorithm update, one of its biggest to date, which aimed at prioritizing mobile-first websites.

Google reinvented itself as a mobile company ever since it launched Android, its mobile operating system, eons ago. That gave it the necessary platform to propagate its services, most of which act as conduits for its adverts.