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Google's working on kid-friendly versions of its core apps

Google's working on kid-friendly versions of its core apps
Keeping the kids appy

Google has confirmed rumours that it's busy working on new versions of its apps, like YouTube and Chrome, that will be more age appropriate for children.

The search company explained that the motive behind the decision was that a lot of employees now have kids of their own. And they want to build services that their young 'uns can use.

"We expect this to be controversial, but the simple truth is kids already have the technology in schools and at home," said Google's VP of Engineering, Pavni Diwanji. "So the better approach is to simply see to it that the tech is used in a better way."

12 and under

Google confirmed the rumours that had appeared in USA Today and clarified that the new versions of the services will be targeted at kids aged 12 and under.

There's no current timetable for when the services will be rolled out. But the search giant says YouTube, Chrome and Search are just the beginning of its plans for a range of child-friendly services.

Via: 9to5Google