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UK newspapers flourishing online

Daily Mail - behind The Times
Daily Mail - behind The Times

UK newspaper websites are continuing to flourish, but it is the Guardian that is far and away the most dominant fourth estate product on the internet.

According to the audited ABCe figures for November, The Guardian's superb website broke the 26 million unique visitors mark for the first time, significantly ahead of The Telegraph's audience of 22.9 million.

The Times nipped past the Mail to 21.5 million unique users with the latter on 20.8m

The Sun picks up 16.4 million with the Independent on nearly 8.9 million and the Mirror group trailing well behind on 5.9 million.

All of those totals are significantly up on the same period from 2007 – with people increasingly turning to the internet for their news.

UK Audience 9,548,426 (36.7%) 7,394,866 (32.2%)
Times Online: 7,231,485 (33.4%)
Sun: 6,936,051 (42.2%)
Mail Online: 6,441,804 (30.9%)
Mirror Group: 3,372,104 (57%)