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Irish judge okays three-strikes rule for file-sharers

Three strikes and you're offline
Three strikes and you're offline

A judge in Ireland has given the okay for an ISP to operate a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy on users who share copyrighted files without permission.

The law courts have ruled that Eircom's decision to use a three-strikes policy before cutting off users' internet connections is not in violation of the country's privacy laws.

Eircom was sued by a group representing a portion of the music industry for not preventing people from sharing files that were under copyright, and decided on a move that is unlikely to prove popular with its customers.

Controversial act

With the UK still reeling from the arrival of the Digital Economy Act, the focus on illegal filesharing has never been higher, and the Irish ruling will no doubt bring even more attention.

The judge decided that copyright was a 'human right' of the creator – something that the film and music industries are likely to seize upon.

There are, to date, no public plans by UK ISPs to institute a three-strikes policy.

Via TechDirt