Google offers $8.5m settlement for Buzz privacy suit

Buzz - controversial start
Buzz - controversial start

Google has offered a settlement of $8.5 million - that's around £5.5 million - to end the lawsuit brought by those unhappy that Buzz infringed their privacy.

When Google brought out Buzz - its attempt at a social network - it quickly picked up criticism for automatically connecting people with Gmail up to contacts and displaying those links in public.

This led to a group of seven Gmail users taking Google to court citing violated privacy - and Google is not attempting to settle that case.


The company changed Buzz and apologised for the issues raised, which would seem to be an admission of responsibility, and Google now faces a seven figure settlement.

Apparently 30 per cent of the money will go on legal fees, $2,500 to each user and the rest to promote online privacy.

The settlement has yet to win approval from the federal judge in charge of the case.