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Firefox 4 release date revealed

Firefox 4: finally out of beta. Almost.
Firefox 4: finally out of beta. Almost.

The final version of Firefox 4 is set for a 22 March launch following not one, not two but 12 betas.

Mozilla developers attended a meeting with the company last night, after which Damon Sicore, senior director of platform engineering, posted on a Mozilla developer's message board:

"Today's triage session concluded with all systems go for a Firefox 4 launch on 22 March."

All systems go, except…

There's a slim chance that bugs in the software may be discovered between now and then, however, which may mean further delay to the release.

Sicore continued, "We will continue to have triage sessions on a daily basis to watch for major issues; however, at this point, we've concluded RC1 will become Firefox 4 final."

Firefox 4, which was originally intended for a November 2010 launch, comes out of beta just a couple of weeks after the final release of IE9, the final version of which was made available on 15 March.

Via PC Pro