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PlayStation Network hits 1.3-millionth user

The PlayStation Network is Sony's free-of-charge answer to the Xbox Live subscription service

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Network online gaming service is making up some serious ground on Microsoft's ultra-popular Xbox Live. Apparently the PlayStation Network now has 1.3 million users worldwide.

Our sister gaming site CVG says that the news comes from SCEA's senior director of PR, Dave Karraker, who told Gamespot that of those 1.3 million users, 600,000 signed up in North America where Sony has shipped over 2 million consoles.

Worldwide, some 3.7 million content packages have been downloaded from the PlayStation Network, though the Sony PR man didn't specify how much of the number is download games.

The Xbox Live service is still way ahead with six million registered users who pay for the privilege - Sony's rival service is free. Microsoft says that the Xbox Live Arcade gaming download site has exceeded the 25 million downloads mark.

CVG says that considering Sony's service is free of charge, it's perfectly conceivable that the PS Network might well catch up very soon, despite there being many more Xbox 360 consoles out there compared to the PS3.