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Futurama’s mobile RPG gets its first trailer

(Image credit: Fox)

We’ve known that game dev Jam City has been working on a mobile Futurama title since back in February, and that game’s just gotten a little more solid with the release of its first teaser trailer. Titled ‘Worlds of Tomorrow’, the new game will picks up from where the series’ finale left us hanging in 2013 and is coming to both iOS and Android. 

The game apparently takes the shape of a turn-based RPG featuring similar combat to early Final Fantasy games, along with other elements such as skill-based decision making, plus the requisite ‘travelling through space’ elements and even some city-building in the form of reconstructing New New York.

Worlds of Tomorrow will feature video clips with work from the show’s original cast, writers, and animators, just as the teaser trailer has. 

We don’t have a release date yet, but you can pre-register for the game on Android here.