Google's smart Wi-Fi routers just got even smarter

Google OnHub router

Google's OnHub series of wireless router are getting even smarter today thanks to If This Then That (IFTTT) integration.

Users can now set up "recipes" to command the router automate simple tasks.

For example, if you want to know when someone is home, you can create an IFTTT recipe to send you an email when a particular phone connects to your house's OnHub router.

Google also showed off how you could change the color of your Philips Hue lights as more people connect to the Wi-Fi hub.

Another possibility is to set your connected door locks to automatically engage when your phone disconnects from the OnHub so you never have to worry about your or your kids leaving the door unlocked again.

Want even more security features? IFTTT can alert you to when your Nest Cam picks up movement when you're not home. The recipe will disable itself when a trusted device connects to the network.

Center of the Internet of Things

The OnHub isn't cheap, starting at $199, but it may be worth the router and recipes for users who want simplicity and who trust Google to keep it updated with new features.

Before today's IFTTT integration, Google launched a second OnHub router made by Asus, which also features the ability to recognize gestures.

Google wants OnHub to be at the center of your smart home, pulling the strings on every internet connected device you hook up to it.

The good news is Google isn't locking you into its own hardware ecosystem, as IFTTT works with tons of other devices.

OnHub is the first router to support IFTTT, but there's no reason other router manufacturers couldn't (or shouldn't) integrate the service into their software.