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Dell makes more job cuts

Dell must cut more jobs to achieve its long-term goals

Dell announced on Thursday that it's committed to turning its business around, and in an attempt to cut costs, it will lay-off more employees than originally intended.

Last May, Dell announced that it was attempting to restructure its business and that it would lose 8,800 employees to turn things around. But after citing more issues than previously anticipated, the company will need to cut more jobs to reach its goal of reducing its overhead by $3 billion (£1.5 billion) over the next three years.

Dell has found opportunities

"We have identified a very significant opportunity here and are aggressively going after it," Michael Dell told investors. "To be very clear, we are not satisfied with the current state of affairs and we are on a mission to address this."

"We're decreasing our head count. It's declined in the past two quarters and it will decline again in the first quarter. And we will go past the 8,800 target previously discussed [in order to] achieve everything that I'm outlining today."

Dell's discussion with shareholders was an attempt to quell fears over problems that may not be fixed by reducing costs. After losing its place as the world's largest PC manufacturer and enjoying just a 1.9 per cent growth in 2007, some wonder if Dell's days are numbered.