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Mac Mini alive and kicking, may get revamp

Lost amid all the updates Apple has announced over the past few months, the Mac Mini looked like it was quietly entering the pantheon of long forgotten computers that once had promise, but lacked commercial appeal. But according to one report, it may not be dead yet.

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has asked a small group of engineers to "gut the diminutive desktop and apply fresh internals." The publication claims Intel's decision to

upgrade its Core 2 Duo processors has precipitated the Mac Mini's update

, but Apple's plans are not very well known.

Hefty improvements on the way?

"Among the improvements destined for the new line-up are 45-nanometer Core 2 Duo mobile chips starting at 2.1GHz with 3MB of shared L2 cache, an 800MHz front-side bus (up from 667MHz), and a step up to the same Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics processor employed by the existing line of 13-inch MacBooks," AppleInsider claims.

Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the rumour, but the company's possible decision to improve its Mac Mini line comes as a surprise to many who believed it would soon be discontinued. Look for more on this as concrete details become available.