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How's about that: Intel ready for Haswell on June 3

Ready, set...wait

Mark your calendars for 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds from now. That's when we'll see Intel's next line of Core processors.

The clock has ticked down some since Intel first posted the counter on its social media networks today, but that doesn't change the date of June 3 for the introduction of Core's 4th generation, also known as Haswell.

The date falls during the dates of Computex 2013 (June 4 - June 8 in Taipai, Taiwan), and while we've heard of this chip before, Intel should announce the chip's availability.

According to sources speaking with VR-Zone, several product launches - desktops, mobile, etc. - will be scattered throughout the days of Computex.

Haswell that ends well

Haswell is all about power efficiency and Intel intends to have the chip make it into everything from traditional desktop PCs to tablets.

It's a 22nm model and will come with four cores, and from what we've seen the GPU performance is dramatically improved over earlier Core models. CPU is more mediocre, but we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out in actual products.

Intel has marked Haswell as the "notebook re-invented" processor, and with Computex knocking on the door, we should have an idea of where Intel wants the chip to take us.