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First user-generated movie premieres in Jan

Perkins' 14 - not one to take your gran to see
Perkins' 14 - not one to take your gran to see

Massify, the online film-making collaboration website, has created the first-ever user-generated movie, which will be out 9 January.

The horror film Perkins' 14 is a fan-created movie which was entirely created by democratic vote from the online community. From casting to script to post-production, everything was put in the hands of the Massify network.

The idea to make a film which forgoes the usual Hollywood machine came from Kenneth Woo and Brett Icahn – the son of billionaire Carl Icahn.

Speaking recently to the New York Times, Icahn said about Massify: "The Massify community 'crowdsources' the best ideas, and elects the best actors. It's more a production network than a social network, because it's driven by a creative purpose."

Beating Myspace

Massify isn't the only web service that is using its community to create movies. MySpace, to much bigger fanfare, announced last year that it was to create what it billed as the first 'user-generated movie'.

Unfortunately for MySpace, the Viking drama Faintheart won't be released till 27 January, a full three weeks after Perkins' 14 is set to premiere at Horrorfest III.