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Bing dong: Microsoft search engine serves up ri-dick-ulous sand shlong

You know what? Today Bing, you can serve all our search needs. Microsoft's engine usually plays second fiddle to Google's search juggernaut, but it's landed itself an unintentional banger of a homepage image today.

Take a look at that top image. See anything a bit out of place?

Look more closely...

Yep, as eagle-eyed Redditor's spotted, that aerial Bing shot is hiding a Trojan-sized sand sculpture of a dick. Going by the height of the shot, and the relative size of the beachgoers nearby, that's a good seven foot long schlong. Or they're some really creative ants.

Either way, good job Microsoft – you've probably inadvertently served up what a good portion of web users were going to search for anyway.