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Best Amazon Prime movies: the best films to stream in September 2019

Your Name

A still from the movie Your Name

(Image credit: Amazon)

A surprise 2016 hit that saw a rare mainstream overseas success for Japanese anime, Your Name is a supernatural high-school-romance-come-body-swap disaster movie. Yep – there's a lot going on here, as a teenage boy and girl find themselves inhabiting each other's bodies, slowly unravelling the mystery surrounding their condition – and that of an awful disaster. J J Abrams of Lost and Star Wars fame is said to be looking into making a live-action version, such was the success of the animation – but it'll take something to top the magnificent original.

Paddington 2

A still from the movie paddington 2

(Image credit: Paddington / Amazon)

Paddington 2 joins a select roster of movies where the sequel is better than the original. Paddington 2 is an absolute joy. It continues the adventures of Paddington, adding in a superb performance by Hugh Grant as one of the sweetest villains around and takes the story of the little bear to unexpected emotional heights.

The Red Turtle

A still from the movie The Red Turtle

(Image credit: Amazon)

Will the magic ever dim at Studio Ghibli? The lyrical animation powerhouse delivers yet again with The Red Turtle, the story of a man shipwrecked on a remote island, inhabited just by turtles, crabs and other critters. What appears a simple story slowly peels back to reveal hidden depths, with Studio Ghibli's inimitable attention to detail in animation remaining the industry benchmark.

Son of Rambow

A still from the movie Son of Rambow

(Image credit: Amazon)

One of the most endearing coming-of-age movies you are likely to see, Son of Rambow is about two children growing up in the ’80s who are obsessed with Rambo. So much, they decide to make their own version of the movie with the help of their friends. What ensues is a fun, inventive film about the magic of childhood friendship and imagination. Directed by music video supremo Garth Jennings, Son of Rambow is a trio of love letters: one to the Eighties, one to home videos and the other to the cartoon violence that was born out of an era where Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis ruled the box office.