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Sony to discontinue the MiniDisc Walkman

MiniDisc Walkman - end of an era
MiniDisc Walkman - end of an era

Sony is to stop shipping the MiniDisc Walkman in September.

The demise of the MiniDisc Walkman all down to 'shrinking demand', although we feel fairly sure that demand for MiniDisc players has been shrinking rapidly for a good few years now.

Launched in 1992, the MiniDisc was a pocket-sized alternative to the portable CD player, but with the advent of the MP3 player (read: iPod) they fell out of popular favour.

Blame hipsters

It's only the players that are being discontinued, however – apparently there's demand enough for Sony to keep making the MiniDiscs and stereos that can play them.

We're surprised they're still going at all, to be honest. Sony's been having a bit of a spring clean of its portable audio range, ditching its iconic cassette playing Walkmans last year.

CD Walkmans are getting a stay of execution though, with Sony planning to keep producing them alongside its MP3 playing range. Someone somewhere must be buying them, we just can't imagine who.

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