Italian stallion defies credit crunch

Unison Research's new Unico 100 integrated amplifier

Laughing in the face of the credit crunch is Unison Research’s new Unico 100 integrated amplifier, which at £2,950 sits just below the company’s the top-of-the-range Unico 200.

The Italian company, known for its luxurious and beautifully crafted hi-fi, is continuing the trend of hybridising its integrateds with the Unico 100, which also sees solid-state and valve technology in unison.

Watts up?

Although not up to its Unico 200 bigger brother’s 250-watt output, the smaller Unico 100 still manages to pump out an impressive 180 watts (into eight ohms).

Just like the rest of the six-strong Unico amplifier range, the 100 features an ECC83 valve in the preamplifier stage, while the driver stage uses a near-identical configuration to the top Unico 200 and acclaimed Unico Secondo integrated amps. A true dual-mono design, the amp sports two mighty 450VA toroidal transformers to help deliver its colossal 180-watt output.

The Unico 100 is also the first Unison Research product to feature a digital volume control, which works with the firm’s in-house microcontroller program and the elegant wood/metal system remote control. The amp also boasts impressive flexibility – it is able to accommodate both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (phono) line-level sources.