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Alien Covenant: behind the scenes with the film's new Audi Lunar Quattro robot

Product placement in movies is usually a pretty easy thing to plan for: if someone is drinking a coffee it makes sense for a major coffee chain to step in. Where it gets a bit more tricky is if the film is set in space.

Luckily automotive giant Audi has come up with an ingenious way of getting its product into the newest movie in the Alien franchise, Alien Covenant.

Audi has teamed up with Part Time Scientists, a Berlin-based robotics company to make the Audi Lunar Quattro, a moon rover that not only has a starring role in the movie, but will actually be going to the moon in 2018. 

At the world premier for Alien Covenant, in cinemas May 19, our very own Gerald Lynch caught up with the team from Part Time Scientists to talk all things robot…