G.Skill Eco DDR3 review

Should the Eco branding lure you into parting with your green?

G.Skill Eco 1.35V 1,600MHz CL7 4GB
We're not sold on the eco front, but this is still great RAM nonetheless

Wheeling out the eco-friendly narrative may seem like a winner in this environmentally-aware age. But if you don't deliver, the result is an undesirable combination of gimmickery and cynicism. Which way does it go for the G.Skill Eco 1.35V CL7 1,600MHz low voltage DDR3 memory kit?

Unfortunately, the jury is out. We ran this kit at both the lower 1.35V and default 1.65V settings and found overall peak power consumption is unchanged at 200W. That's on a par with other 4GB dual-channel DDR3 kits running at 1.65V.

Given that power consumption can go up markedly when using higher memory voltages during overclocking, that's surprising. Ultimately, we're not entirely confident that our test motherboard was correctly applying the voltages, so we'll give G.Skill the benefit of the doubt other than to note that running low voltages may cause compatibility problems.

Moreover, we doubt the lower voltage will deliver more than 10W of power savings under full load. During idle or low load scenarios, it'll be more like one or two Watts. Not exactly planet-saving proportions.

As for conventional metrics of performance, the G.Skill kit didn't blow our doors off. But again, minor platform variations in our testing compared to other kits can skew the results, especially when the margins are this tight.

What we can say with confidence is that this kit clocks up very nicely indeed. A maximum overclock of 2,000MHz is good enough for starters. But it's the total absence of nasties in the performance numbers, including everything from bandwidth to latency and application performance, that most impresses.

We liked

They say every little helps and, with our planet on an apparent precipice, the promise of reduced power consumption is always welcome. That said, performance enthusiasts will appreciate this kit's ability to hit high clocks while maintaining decent latencies and delivering nice, clean performance. Few people will need more than this kit can deliver.

We disliked

We have a nose for gimmicks and we're not entirely convinced by the eco-friendly sales pitch. Our testing was inconclusive, but we doubt the upside in terms of low voltages are terribly spectacular. The G.Skill Eco 1.35V CL7 kit was also a little underwhelming in terms of performance at the default 1,333MHz setting.


A solid 4GB kit at this price point, but we're not convinced by the eco credentials.

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