Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer review

Strong-arming PC components into a mid-range gaming case

Cooler master cm storm enforcer

When you're building your dream gaming rig and including the best components, you want to put them in a case that will look the part. The Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer does just this, giving any PC housed within the feel of an armoured tank.

This chassis might be cheap compared to some of its competitors, but it's certainly not cheap looking. This isn't a chassis for office PCs, media centres or computers used for the odd internet browse or Excel spreadsheet. This is for PCs that have had a lot of care and attention poured into them as they were made.

There's a Perspex window on one side to show off the handpicked components within, and the overall design stands out from other Cooler Master chassis.

Travelling through the Perspex looking glass and into the Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer machine itself, there is plenty of room for fitting motherboards and associated components.

Of course, it's not as roomy as a full-size tower, but there is enough space to fit bulky graphics cards with lengths up to 390mm, such as the Radeon HD 6990 or GeForce GTX 590, although these chunky cards require the removal of one of the HDD cases to fit in.

Cooler master cm storm enforcer

To help make installation and upgrading even easier, the four 5.25-inch bays offer a tool-free set-up – a blessing for anyone who's lost a small screw while fitting an optical drive.

While the Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer looks impressive, its design also ensures that there's plenty of airflow – essential for a stable computer, especially if you're of the overclocking bent.

At the bottom of the case is an area for installing a PSU, along with a 200mm red LED CoolerMaster fan towards the front, and a 120mm fan at the back. This case has also been designed with water cooling in mind, as it has access holes built in for the water cooling tubes.

The Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer might not be the largest case on the market, but it offers plenty of expandability options. It comes with four 5.25-inch and four 2.5-inch drive bays, eight expansion slots and it'll handle a CPU cooler up to 175mm tall.

We liked

For a case of this size there is plenty of room for installing components on the Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer.

Cooler Master has learnt from past mistakes and left plenty of room between installed hardware and the outer case, allowing for much tidier cable management. There's also anti-vibration rubber around the PSU area for reducing noise – a nice touch.

We disliked

Graphics cards over a certain size will need one of the HDD cages to be removed to fit into the Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer.

It does the job, but it's an extra inconvenience that you don't get with larger cases. There's also no external fan control – a feature we've been spoilt with on other gaming chassis.

Final word

An extremely good case for the price, and on the whole it's easy to install. However, a few compromises have been made for its small size.