Netgear DG834GT review

Well-specified performer in one package

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Our Verdict

A very competent all-rounder


  • Good data rate


  • Not the fastest overall

The Netgear DG834GT is a compact and simple box that offers an ADSL modem, a router, four 10/100 BASE-T switches, a 108Mbps Super G wireless access point and a firewall all in one package.

Using a chip doubler, the Netgear can effectively gain an increased data throughput over that offered by a standard 54Mbps connection. What this means in practise is you'll regularly achieve a data rate of 38Mbps. This is a more than acceptable rate, especially considering the fact that we had full encryption running.

On the downside, it gains this extra speed by claiming all available bandwidth, making this solution less than ideal in areas with a high density of Wi-Fi hotspots. There are faster chipsets on the market, but we found the Netgear DG834GT easy to setup, install and run. Michael Browne